Whether you have mental illness yourself or just have questions this site strives to bring you the truth about what we know, and, what we don't know.


Think about what you know about mental illness. Where did you learn what you know? Was it a friend? Television? A movie? A book? Your doctor? 


Our always growing website strives to bring you the real story of mental illness. Remember Miss Manners? She told people what to do to have good manners. Etiquette of Madness is committed to teaching you the real truth of madness. 

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Someone said to me one day,"Robin! I'm so excited. My doctor says I have Bipolar 2!" According to the Etiquette of Madness this woman is nuts. No one WANTS to have Bipolar. 

Robin Paterson

Bipolar Type 1 Disorder, ADHD, PTSD survivor.

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